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BROW WIGS by Final Touch

BROW WIGS by Final Touch

Hey you gorgeous girlies! 
So this is a bit of fun for me to write!
A wee review / chat about BROW WIGS (CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRODUCT) 
When I was in USA summer 2018, I met the wonderful Karen and Tony Corbo who own Wigs online Australia, and also Final Touch - the brow wig company!
Karen and I got blethering and chatting, and she is really such a beautiful and wonderful woman - I decided I wanted to try some brow wigs, and Karen kindly sent me a pair!
To be honest, I am happy drawing my brows on day to day - but I HAD to try out these to test for myself, as in the past I have worn faux brows - but the price point was just too steep!
I got these and didn't expect to love them as much as I do.
These are so long lasting, they are beautiful and so natural! my work friends at hospital thought that I had grown back my brows over night to these wee fluffy babies!
I honestly love these, and if you are looking for something very natural that no-one would notice - this is what you want! you look like you have had your brows threaded by a professional, and they are undetectable and so secure!
I sweat a LOT and using an eyelash glue from my local Superdrug store, I had these on for the full day and had to spend time removing at night.
They can last for 2-3 days (dependent on how much sweat you produce - I'm an oily one!), but I like to remove at the end of each day. I wore mine consistently daily for a month and they are still in ship shape condition! amazing!
Brow wigs! who would have thought?! x 
There is a wee video for you guys  at the end of this - of me showing them - and chatting too about these. If you are a bit of a youtube addict like me, then Jeffree Star has also reviewed the Final Touch brows, and he is pretty awesome - and much more pretty to watch than me, so take a look!
......And for the month of January and February 2019, there is 3 for 2 on the brows applied automatically at checkout x
Keep sparkling, and just be your very own beautiful 
All my love, always,
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