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CALIFORNIA BLONDES by Jon Renau (synthetic 2018)

CALIFORNIA BLONDES by Jon Renau (synthetic 2018)

This is one of the reasons 2018 was such a phenomenal year for blondies who wear alternative hair! well for me, it was just SUPER EXCITING, and a perfect time -  in my colour loving, wig loving, life!
ARGH I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED! Let's get chatting more.....
Sooooo my lovelies!
This is a quick recap of the California blondes I wrote about back when they launched. Why am I reuploading the article to the new site? FIRSTLY, because I LOVE THE CALI BLONDES!
SECONDLY, Because we are about to have the launch of HUMAN HAIR in CALIFORNIA BLONDE from Jon Renau, and well - I am so excited that I could cry! (Over the top, but yes - I am so exciiiiiiited!)
Jon Renau are well known for high quality, and supremely well made wigs and toppers. Recently, we have seen an introduction of more styles in the ashier tone blondes - like the gorgeous 22F16 (Pina Colada) and 101F48T (Martini). 
Many of us love unrooted shades, but many of us love some roots for a more natural match with our skin tone and for a natural outgrown look! I kind of swing from wearing roots to then only going without - to loving to mix it up. I am a bit of a nightmare! (it is not a cheap hobby to have) 
ANYWAAAAAAY, Jon Renau have always been renowned for their gorgeous blends of blonde. From the natural and neutral Shaded Praline (12FS8) to the warmer natural Creme Brûlée (24B22) to the cooler tone of Pina Colada (22F16). 
Well girlies and guysies........ It is time to be getting excited as last year in 2018, the CALIFORNIA BLONDES launched....... and in 2019 - we are about to see the arrival of the HUMAN HAIR CALIFORNIA BLONDE EXPANSION! 
Jon Renau have designed for you - CALIFORNIA BLONDES. So let's show you some awesome fancy new shades and styles and also let you know - MiMo is in LOVE!
So which colour is which? And let's have a wee description of each? That is probably a great wee plan of action.......
So  Malibu Blonde is a blend of Pale Natural Gold Blonde, Light Natural Gold Blonde, and light Gold Brown with a rooted Gold Brown shade.
For all of you girlies who currently love the 12FS8 (shaded praline)........ this is similar but with a slightly lighter gold brown root! It is a truly stunning shade, and one that I think will be popular for those who love a rooted wig shade and go wild for the existing shaded Praline colour. Here are a few of the styles available in this gorgeous new Malibu Blonde below - I am sure we can all agree - STUNNING!!!!!!!
Next up, we have the absolutely gorgeous VENICE Blonde.
If you are a lover of a cooler ashier toned blonde and go a little wild for the existing Pina Colada shade (22F16)......
You, lovely lady are going to go bananas for Venice Blonde - it is a rooted version of this wildly popular modern shade!
I do adore the Venice Blonde shade. It is a blend of Light Ash Blonde with Light Natural Blonde, and it is rooted with a Medium Brown Root! So exciting, and just one that I am sure will sell out rather swiftly! Here are a few sneaky previews of the amazing Venice shade in some styles. Spoiler Alert - they are AMAZING! 
Okay girls. If you are a lover of the existing amazing Creme Brûlée (24B22) shade from Jon Renau, this may be one that you are going to be in love with!!!
Laguna Blonde has the warmth of shade 24 and is a natural shade with roots and real amazing beauty!
So Laguna Blonde is described as a blend of Light Gold Brown and Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend, with a medium brown root. This is just too exciting for those of you who love that amazing warm toned but super light and bright blonde and are looking for a root that is natural and not too extremely dark. Here are some photos of some styles in the gorgeous Laguna - Beach time girls - GORGEOUS!
I dont even know where to start with talking about this Palm Springs BLONDE shade that Jon Renau have created...... other than to start with saying two wee words...... THANK YOU! 
So what is about to follow are true words from my very own mouth (fingers / keyboard) that I NEVER imagined I would here myself say - THIS IS MY BLONDE!

For anyone who knew me in my hairy days - I had jet black hair - I was NEVER going to be a blonde girl...... or so I thought. I have since realised..... ANYONE and EVERYONE can be blonde - and have something that is extremely complimentary to them..... it is about the tones and shades to suit your skin...... whether you are a pale princess, or a gorgeous stunning deep coloured beauty - blonde can work on you! This, to me, is my blonde! So enough Michelle, lets get the description here - Palm Springs is a blend of Light Ash Blonde with Pure White Natural Violet, finished with THE MOST GORGEOUS Dark Natural Ash Blonde Rooting.  ARGH!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Here are a few photos of some styles in Palm Springs..... oh the excitement in me is UNREAL! 
This article may have become rather lengthy, and I am sorry if I have taken your time excessively. HOWEVER (sorry, not sorry type of thing!), I really felt that it is only fair that I spend the time to share my thinking and showing of these phenomenal new shades. They are what many of us have been asking for - for a long time! AND THEY HAVE LANDED FOR 2018! AMAZING! 
CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COLLECTION PAGE - it really is just amazing! 
HD Collection:
Ignite, Elizabeth, Eve, Drew, Haute    
Smartlace Collection:
January, Zara, Sarah, Julianne, Cameron, Miranda, Victoria, Alessandra, Mila, Emilia, Amber, Mariska-Petite, Annette, Kristen, Heidi, Gisele, Rachel   
Monotop Collection:
Meg, Camilla                                                                                                       
Topper Collection:
easiPart HD 8", easiPart HD 12", easiPart HD 18", easiPart XL HD 8", easiPart XL HD 12", easiPart XL HD 18", Top Notch, Top Wave 12", Top Wave 18", Top Secret 12", Top Secret 18"
Quick comparison of the most popular current blonde SHADED PRALINE (12FS8) compared to the MALIBU blonde (12FS12) which has a lighter more gradual melted transition between root and colour throughout:
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