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HUMAN HAIR CARE - Featuring Jon Renau Argan Care Products

HUMAN HAIR CARE - Featuring Jon Renau Argan Care Products

A wee semi educational / guide: how to wash and care for your human hair wigs
What we each use product wise is very much up to each of us. However, you should ALWAYS follow the wig manufacturers guidelines.
Jon Renau hair care products have been specifically formulated by some rather intelligent wee lab people to ensure that:
1. Hair remains well conditioned and lasts as long as practicably possible
2. Colour doesn’t fade
3. Your hair will always be a wise investment when cared for with these products.
A popular myth is that any shampoo and conditioner salon quality is effective on human hair wigs / toppers and pieces. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!
Although salon grade shampoos and conditioners are formulated for biological hair, they are created with the assumption that hair is attached to the follicle and being fed (Via Cortex / Medulla) with sebum and natural body oils..... which are requiring to be removed by the shampoo before being reconditioned.
HOWEVER With your wig, the hair is attached to a mesh base, and is not nourished - unless with appropriate wig human hair care products. 
You do not want to be stripping out oils from your helper hair that those with “bio hair” would want from their hair care products.
I guess when we break it down - it does make sense, doesn’t it?!
My personal - and professional - favourite hair care products are the JON RENAU Argan shampoo , Jon Renau Argan Conditioner , mist and Heat Treat THERMAL PROTECT spray  - as well as the new In Tone Violet Shampoo for you blonde girls (removes brassiness), and the Restorative Protein Builder - and dont forget the Argan mist to deep condition! 
Another important consideration is how frequently we wash our hair - AND our brush must be safe too!
A quick guide (although not set in stone).....
1. Wash every 6-8 wears
2. Deep condition every 3rd wash (lighter shades require a deep condition more frequently than darker shades due to a higher level of processing)
With this being said, HOW do we wash our hair? I decided to make a video which seems pretty long winded........ so I also thought - let’s create a quick little guide for you all, and a reference - so here it is x
I hope this helps you all - human hair is an investment, and although it can be time consuming to care properly for your hair - it is worth it as the lifetime will be much longer, and financially will save you - and those well earned pennies are best off in your own pocket x x x
If you want and need human hair rather than synthetic, but you have no time to cleanse and condition or do a deep treatment, MiMo Wigs is happy to provide this service for you.
All my love,
Michelle (AKA: MiMo)
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carol game - December 24, 2019

Michelle, I would like to colour 2 new human hair blonde wigs darker, not drastically just a few shades darker. Is this something you could show us what and how to do please? The wigs are Dimples bronze collection by the way. Thanks.

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