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25% OFF BELLE TRESS from 12-22nd May 2022

25% OFF BELLE TRESS from 12-22nd May 2022

Air by Ellen Wille • Hair Society Collection

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$489.00 - $489.00
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The Ellen Wille AIR wig is part of the Hair Society Collection, and has been designed for those with complete hair loss in mind.
The caps are slightly smaller than many average wigs, as they are designed to sit flush against the skin.
The fully hand tied cap with monofilament top and lace front not only looks incredibly natural, but it is light to wear, and extremely comfortable. Air is a short, stylish, feathery layered cut.
This can be worn in a more classic style, or you can add texture and volume to create that modern and funky look. beautiful!
COLOURS SHOWN : Dark Chocolate Mix, Silver Mix, Dark Sand Rooted
Cap Size: Petite/Average Cap Construct: 100% Hand tied, monofilament, Lace front LENGTHS: Fringe / Bangs: 2"- Crown: 2.5"- Nape: 1.75"- Sides: 2" . . .

Images Used with permission of Ellen Wille de



• Please note that all wigs & toppers with lace front / monofilament / hand tied areas are created with these areas designed to be worn in any direction. 

• When you receive your wig from box, the "READY TO WEAR" statement applies to cut. You may need to provide some minimal styling to your wig or topper dependent on how you wish it to sit. 

• A typical example of this is in wigs with fringes / bangs. Some clients wear their fringe forwards, some will side sweep, and some will split the fringe. The fringe is created to sit in any direction. At times, this may come from box sitting to the right or left, or forwards. It may vary on the same wig - this is due to the HANDMADE nature and creation of these to be worn as YOU CHOOSE for your own personal style.

SYNTHETIC FIBRE: the heat of your hands combined with styling product will be required to sit the hair in a differing direction from it is received if you choose to change this direction. 

HEAT FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC FIBRE: Using some low heat can easily change the style of your heat friendly synthetic fibre wig or topper. 

HUMAN HAIR: If you wet the area, and comb to the required position then blow dry it will allow the position to be changed for you. 

• PARTING: another common question we receive is in regard to parting. If there is a FULL MONOFILAMENT TOP - you may receive your wig with a parting set centre or left. You can change this to suit your own requirements with the same methods as described above. 

Please just contact us if you have any questions on this. 

big hugs, 

the MiMo Team

Hand Variation in hair


  • Hand-tied items are done by thousands of different people every day. Therefore, slight variances are expected in all handmade items (Lace Fronts / Monofilament areas and Handtied Areas of hairpieces including colour placement). Some color variation, size variation, density variation etc. may vary slightly. This is NORMAL with any hand made item from any brand.

  • Manufacturers goals are to make styles as close as possible to the original piece shown every time. Wig Makers are artisans and these employees have many decades of experience; trained to make the items with the same consistency. However, a certain amount of variances are expected in a hand produced items.

  • Manufacturers often update information on their own websites. Always adhere to manufacturer guidance on care of your product.

  • Colours may appear different in reality from the swatch provided on screen due to variation in computer monitor displays. We can only supply a colour swatch given to us by the manufacturer. Please be aware of this when ordering.



Colours on human hair will always appear warmer toned than on that of their synthetic counterparts with same name/ colour code. this is because human hair accepts dye differently from the manmade fibres. 

Likewise, synthetic and HD fibres will appear slightly cooler toned than human hair - even on the same colour coding / names.

This is not a fault and you must be aware of this. This is absolutely normal. Please contact if you need further advice.

Colours may appear differently on different computer monitors and in differing lighting conditions. 

Wig Brushes • The Best & Worst • When to use what brush on your wig


So we have often had comments from our lovely customers, including many questions in regard to why we do and do not sell specific types of brushes. 
Which brush is best to use on your brand new topper or wig?
The real question "does it really matter?"


There is more to caring for your wig or topper than just brushing...... we do have guides on the care of your wig and topper based upon hair type, and you can read these within the blogs section. 


So the topic of "HOW" to brush is always a really interesting one. I, myself, never had advice on this from anyone when entering the world of alternative hair. As a result, I trashed many wigs and blamed the wig quality when I was oblivious to the fact - it was my mishandling - absolutely unintentional, but something like a brush or a care product - these things matter immensely. 

It was only in reading the manufacturer guidance online that I realised this really does matter! When we think about it, it does make sense..... but it is not always something that would just jump in to our mind. After all, can we not treat it as we would our biological hair? Sadly, no - this is one area we MUST really pay attention to the differences. 


You have spent money on your new hair, and it is not cheap - you have invested in the product that you feel is going to help you feel most like you. 

Care of your item matters, as using the wrong brush - this can result in you causing shedding and balding of your beautiful new topper or wig, and this is absolutely devastating and heart breaking. 

So let us get started on what we recommend and what our educational training has taught us. 



This is so important. You must NEVER drag any brush or comb through the hair..... you must start from the bottom in small sections around 1-2 inches and brush down then move up another inch or so. 

We recommend you "finger comb" first - use your hands to gently run through the wig or topper / hair piece and gently detangle. Never pull, never cause tension as this can result in balding. 

So that method of how to do the brushing / combing..... great!  Wait - what do we use? 



The heat friendly fibres are some of the most delicate, fine fragile. We recommend (as advised by manufacturers and factories) that you ONLYever use a wide tooth comb created specifically for your alternative hair. These are not the same as wide tooth combs that we would see in a standard hair salon for those with biological hair. 


NEVER use any form of brush on your heat friendly topper or wig - it WILLcause the fibres to fray, and it causes far too much tension on the roots which will cause the wig and topper to bald or shed - this means that you are likely to have a hair piece that has the appearance of thinning and bald spots. 


Standard synthetic hair we would also advise only using the wide tooth comb, as manufacturers and factories would also advise. this will help maintain longevity of your new hair piece. 



Human hair care is very different from that of synthetic hair. 

We have guides on the care of human hair for you HERE but in regard to brushes, it is also important to use the correct brush type. A wide tooth comb for alternative hair is also appropriate for your human hair wig or topper, and is ideal to carry in your hand bag with you for "on the go."

Paddle brushThe paddle brush shown here is by Jon Renau and is one of our favourites for brushing throughout the day. I (Michelle) carry this in my hand bag on the days that I wear human hair alongside my wide tooth comb. These are gentle, and the soft malleable bristles are gentle and will not pull on a knot. They will not tug on your hair, as they are not rigid and firm.... they are also safe if they touch gentle cap base materials..... this is so important to us all...... safety and maintaining the integrity of our hair and our topper and wig caps / bases is imperative! We love the Jon Renau Paddle Brush on all human hair systems. You can BUY THE JON RENAU PADDLE BRUSH HERE.

As well as brushing and maininting the smooth untangled look to your wig throughout the day...... human hair does require to be styled, and for this we would look for something that has more coarse but safe bristles that work in tangent with your hair, and not pull tug or work against the hair. Wig brush for styling
We would recommend the Jon Renau Boar Bristle brush for styling your human hair wig.
When drying and styling the hair, it will be pinned to a secure canvas cork block head, and this brush is perfect........ it has some plastic rounded bristles intermingled with the boar bristles, and allows for beautiful blow drying without damage. Unlike biological hair that can withstand high levels of heat, your wig or topper should not be styled using a heat retaining brush - please avoid these ceramic and metallic brushes that we would use in a salon for biological hair. We want our wigs to last as long as is practicably possible! 


There are so many brushes available that do have a purpose, and can be used under some circumstances, but as a whole - we would advise you AVOID these........ these are the wire wig brushes that everyone tends to buy as a first brush (believe me, I have done this too, and learned in my own errors).......


- pull on the hair and cause balding / shedding

- can pierce the topper or wig cap and cause tears in the lace or fragile base materials 

- cause friction and frizz to heat friendly and synthetic fibres

- can tear the human hair items 

- the most common complaint from everyone using these - "MY TOPPER AND WIG IS GOING BALD"

We have chosen NOT to stock these on our site, and although they have purposes that we will not discuss, the risk outweighs the benefit in our mind........ and longevity is what we want you to have. 

Sadly, the best made topper and wig on the planet will be obliterated by using this type of brush and you will see so much hair loss to your new hair. We do not want this for you and this is why you will not find these on our site. 

It is IMPERATIVE that you always follow manufacturer guidance. We advise that you never use any wire wig brush. It is however up to yourself what you do and do not do with your items....... but please note that if you use something that causes damage, this is absolutely NOT a manufacturing flaw...... but it is sadly just inappropriate handling of the product. 

The culprits you want to avoid are below:


I hope that has been helpful guys. 


It is not meant to be a total "YOU MUST DO THIS" but rather a little guide to help you, and to stop you making some of the mistakes that I have made in my own early wig journey. 


Have a lovely day, 

Big Hugs, 



  • If a cap description does not state that there is a monofilament top to the wig - this means that the wig will have permatease on the top area. Permatease is a lot of short hair added to create volume. This is not a defect, and can look almost like multiple little short spikey hair. This is the reason that the wigs are cheaper.... they are not hand made on top but machine made.
  • If you want a NATURAL TOP / parting appearance please order a wig with a monofilament top or parting. We can always advise BEFORE purchase. Unless otherwise stated, it is to be expected that any cap that is not a monofilament top will have permatease.
  • Please also note that there may me slight variation in colour with hand made wigs, and that on occasion colour plavcement may be slightly variable.
  • Colour swatches shown are provided by manufacturers. However, please note that they can appear differently on CPU / computer / phone screens dependent on lighting. If you need advice before purchase, you can Contact Us Here