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25% off Belle Tress with code BELLE25 On Orders 13th-25th October 2021

30% OFF Estetica Designs with code ESTETICACHARITY30 10% of cost donated to KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION until 31 October 2021

25% off Belle Tress with code BELLE25 On Orders 13th-25th October 2021

30% OFF Estetica Designs with code ESTETICACHARITY30 10% of cost donated to KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION until 31 October 2021

Gripper Lite by Follea • Small

Original price $4,184.00 - Original price $7,699.00
Original price
$4,184.00 - $7,699.00
Current price $4,184.00

1 Follea Gripper Lite revolutionary wig for women with little or no hair.

Light cap for casual wear.

Secure, confident, & comfortable fit, without tape.

This Gripper Lite is held in place with a medical-grade silicone perimeter allowing maximum breathing of the scalp & a secure fit. 


100% European hair
100% hand-tied
Hidden knot for optimal discretion
Signature return hair technique for added fullness
Hair cuticle partially intact
Customizable to your desired style


Colours shown: 15040 - Cinnamon, 3030 - Mocha Latte 


100% handmade with Swiss lace
Open lace-front from temple-to-temple for a true natural front hairline
Voluminous French top for a true-to-skin appearance
Silk-like spandex with tiny holes barely visible to the eye to prevent hair inversion through the surface area of the flap
Double-lined back for durability & longevity
Perimeter is lined with a medical-grade silicone, allowing maximum breathing of the scalp & a secure fit
Four adjustable stays on the sides & nape area




• Please note that all wigs & toppers with lace front / monofilament / hand tied areas are created with these areas designed to be worn in any direction. 

• When you receive your wig from box, the "READY TO WEAR" statement applies to cut. You may need to provide some minimal styling to your wig or topper dependent on how you wish it to sit. 

• A typical example of this is in wigs with fringes / bangs. Some clients wear their fringe forwards, some will side sweep, and some will split the fringe. The fringe is created to sit in any direction. At times, this may come from box sitting to the right or left, or forwards. It may vary on the same wig - this is due to the HANDMADE nature and creation of these to be worn as YOU CHOOSE for your own personal style.

SYNTHETIC FIBRE: the heat of your hands combined with styling product will be required to sit the hair in a differing direction from it is received if you choose to change this direction. 

HEAT FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC FIBRE: Using some low heat can easily change the style of your heat friendly synthetic fibre wig or topper. 

HUMAN HAIR: If you wet the area, and comb to the required position then blow dry it will allow the position to be changed for you. 

• PARTING: another common question we receive is in regard to parting. If there is a FULL MONOFILAMENT TOP - you may receive your wig with a parting set centre or left. You can change this to suit your own requirements with the same methods as described above. 

Please just contact us if you have any questions on this. 

big hugs, 

the MiMo Team

Hand Variation in hair


  • Hand-tied items are done by thousands of different people every day. Therefore, slight variances are expected in all handmade items (Lace Fronts / Monofilament areas and Handtied Areas of hairpieces including colour placement). Some color variation, size variation, density variation etc. may vary slightly. This is NORMAL with any hand made item from any brand.

  • Manufacturers goals are to make styles as close as possible to the original piece shown every time. Wig Makers are artisans and these employees have many decades of experience; trained to make the items with the same consistency. However, a certain amount of variances are expected in a hand produced items.

  • Manufacturers often update information on their own websites. Always adhere to manufacturer guidance on care of your product.

  • Colours may appear different in reality from the swatch provided on screen due to variation in computer monitor displays. We can only supply a colour swatch given to us by the manufacturer. Please be aware of this when ordering.



Colours on human hair will always appear warmer toned than on that of their synthetic counterparts with same name/ colour code. this is because human hair accepts dye differently from the manmade fibres. 

Likewise, synthetic and HD fibres will appear slightly cooler toned than human hair - even on the same colour coding / names.

This is not a fault and you must be aware of this. This is absolutely normal. Please contact if you need further advice.

Colours may appear differently on different computer monitors and in differing lighting conditions. 



Wig Brushes • The Best & Worst • When to use what brush on your wig


So we have often had comments from our lovely customers, including many questions in regard to why we do and do not sell specific types of brushes. 
Which brush is best to use on your brand new topper or wig?
The real question "does it really matter?"


There is more to caring for your wig or topper than just brushing...... we do have guides on th