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Resize Wig from Average to PETITE

Original price $67.00 - Original price $67.00
Original price
$67.00 - $67.00
Current price $67.00
PLEASE NOTE: if you choose for customisation / resize, the wig is NOT able to be returned, regardless of manufacturer. All custom services add an additional time to delivery (the timescale well vary dependent upon how many customisations currently being altered)
This is a service to resize your wig from average cap to petite size.
This can be done on any wefted or hand tied wig. Your wig cap MUST be in good condition and not torn or damaged. Hand tied:  none of your wig is removed or cut out, so this service is also reversible, and you can have the wig taken back out to average (eg. if you have lost your hair to chemotherapy or treatment, but will want to use the wig in average size if hair regrows.... or if your head size changes) Wefted: unless specified, we will normally remove additional wefts and resize to petite. We do this in a specific way which allows the cap shape to be maintained and does not just shorten the front to back. If you prefer wefted to be altered without removal of materials..... please specify. Please ensure that you include your own name and address with the wig when posting The price includes the cost of returning your wig to you.
  • Hand-tied items are done by thousands of different people every day. Therefore, slight variances are expected in all handmade items (Lace Fronts / Monofilament areas and Handtied Areas of hairpieces including colour placement). Some color variation, size variation, density variation etc. may vary slightly. This is NORMAL with any hand made item from any brand.
  • Manufacturers goals are to make styles as close as possible to the original piece shown every time. Wig Makers are artisans and these employees have many decades of experience; trained to make the items with the same consistency. However, a certain amount of variances are expected in a hand produced items.
  • Manufacturers often update information on their own websites. Always adhere to manufacturer guidance on care of your product.
  • Colours may appear different in reality from the swatch provided on screen due to variation in computer monitor displays. We can only supply a colour swatch given to us by the manufacturer. Please be aware of this when ordering.
  •  Colours may appear differently on different computer monitors and also note that colour on the same wig will appear diferent in differing lighting conditions. (ie studio light versus indoor versus outdoor)